Real life language

We love the beach, I think most folk do but I mean we are on the beach all throughout the year, rain or shine. But what a great place to be? How much experiences can be experienced within one place? LOADS. 

This links in with my idea of getting out more and being with nature but I also find the beach a great place to develop language and have so much conversation with your children. 

First up, for me personally this is text book ‘ follow the child’s lead’. Take time to notice what your child enjoys doing, perhaps they want to make a sandcasthe, collect and arrange pebbles, dig holes, or mark making with fingers or sticks. What inspires your child at the beach? 

Next, consider how much you talk when you play with your child, experiment with leaving more silences. Continue to follow your child’s lead and contribute when they ‘ask’ you to. They might use a direct question, give you an instruction or simple look at you like mum do something (ha) If the silence feels often unnatural, try imagining someone chatting to you when you are concentrating on writing a tricky email. The person is commenting on what you are doing, asking questions and making suggestions you didn’t ask for- distracting and annoying right? 

On the beach we like to collect stones to then draw pictures on to create stories. Read more on story stones on the next page as they are a great tool for language development but are so much fun too!