Time to reflect

My child is in bed as it’s back to school and back to a routines, the word school was banned from my mouth yesterday as it seemed It was my fault that school was back so quickly after the week off. So now I have my evenings back and it’s time to sit down and finally write some of my blog. 

I’m reflecting on time and what do I want to use my time for? How can I use my time in a way that serves my purpose? 

I haven’t written anything on my blog for months. I enjoy writing and I enjoying using it as a tool to reflect, ‘blog regularly’ was on my goals for 2018 and look it’s already nearing the end of February, i am not quite sure how it is nearly March already I feel like it has literally flown by me. With work and having a young child, quiet time to concentrate is often rare and when I do get this time I normally can’t sit still as jobs need to be done. I’m sure many of you are the same. I don’t want to live my life that way, rushing from one thing to another frantically trying to do everything. Even today after work, I had to go to the shop to get some essentials and even the shop keeper said to me ‘ love, love stop rushing and slow down it’s okay’ if I’m honest I was a bit taken back, after being at work all day running around after 30 odd children I was being told to slow down? It was nice and it made me reflect on time and how quickly it goes so let’s ‘slow down love and stop rushing’ not everything needs to be done now. 

Thanks to the co op lady :) 

Getting out

Whilst we are thinking- I’ve realised I need to get out more, I mean at home I’m pretty good at getting out but at school I could improve. Humans are nature, yet we perceive ourselves as separate from it. I have been reading about forest schools (loads of lovely child led principles) and thinking how can I put this into my work. In Cornwall we have so much space, so let’s use it. Build dens, make fires (safely) collect twigs, forrege for animals and eat in the woods. Let’s build on our children’s life experience and throw in a load of new language aswell. Spending time outside and being part of nature whilst I work and support children- now that serves my purpose! 

What could you do? 

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