Hello there, Im Amy and I live in Cornwall. 

I could talk SLCN all day long and would love to be able to have that oppertunity over a nice cup of coffee with you fellow bloggers, but since our computer screens make that impossible I will share with you bits on here. 

I hope you enjoy what I write and share. 

More than just words...

Hello fellow bloggers, 

I am very new to all this, so you have to bare with me.

Okay, So why start? I am one of those people who get all of the ideas in their head and they sound so great or not so great and I get excited or in need of advice and then I do something and my ideas and thoughts are forgotten, some would say i have a memory like a fish- but thats what like 3 seconds?...

I give myself at least 5. 

But no on a serious note writing things down helps me, you should see my planning - infact ill load a picture and you will see how my brain works. basically, it consists of about 50 post it notes stuck around my room, table, chairs and floors- madness to most but its out of my head and i can see it. It works.. for me. Its when i think that its acceptable to give a higher member of staff these post it notes and it takes me about 3 hours to explain, one my handwriting (because thats never going to be neat when its coming from dark corners of your brain and you only have 5 seconds until it disappears) and two, what post it notes go with what child because that comes with organisation and i lack that skill aswell.

Blimey,  you must all think what the hell is this person doing in an education setting working with children? I dont blame you... however there is a reason and i will come onto that. 

So negatives over with, i have many more but you will find them out- you are all probably picking out spelling or punctuation mistakes as i go (another great reason im in education ha) Anyway, ive always been taught start with the negatives and end with a postive. 

About me

Hi, Im Amy (new to blogging)

I live in Cornwall and have a beautiful 6 year old boy. He is the majority of the time lovely but for anyone who has children you know that Easter Holidays are far too long and you start pulling your hair out on what? Day one? honestly, I was. Its the questions, the 'im bored' comments, can we do this? can we do that? ... everything in which costs money these days, there is only so many times you can take them to the park. I am very fortunate where I live now, however we have just moved back from London,I know what you are thinking, i physically have people scream WHY in the face why why why did you move from Cornwall to London, so ill scream back MONEY AND JOBS!!!!  sad isnt it? but that is life- cornwall you are lucky to get a job selling pastys and even that is a job people love, to be fair who wouldnt? have you smelt a Cornish Pasty? Just cant get enough, so we moved back to Cornwall and staying put!! 

My job- My journey and the love i have for what i do started in cornwall when i was like 5? Apart from wanting to be an astronaut, caring, looking after people with SEN was always something ive had an interest in, especially children. My Uncle Barry has learning difficulties and i rememeber watching the amazing people that would come to my nans house and take care of him, watching the love and kindness they gave my Uncle but also the support in which they offered my family. I remember how happy he was when he got his radio- really old fashioned massive thing it was from his carers and he put it on his shoulder and would perade down the little country roads of Porkellis singing at the top of his voice blaring music- it was magic to watch. Porkellis is tiny there are like 5 people and 600 cows all listening of course. Anyway, so from school I completed many work experiences in SEN schools, working with children. Then to college to complete Health and Social care diploma, then to go on to complete the Degree this was all backed with a long list of different settings working with many different needs. ALL AMAZING and pushed me further... 

Am I doing okay?  

Okay, so this is where it gets interesting, where it all kicks off 

I did this 10 week course - Elklan Speech and Language Therapy 5-11 year olds. I genuinely felt like i had been hit with a yellow book (you get given one- its my life) we now have three in the school to stop it being stolen its that precious, anyway yes i know its cheesy to say but my whole outlook on Education and the impact of Communcation and what we can do and how simple but how effective it is, can really change lives!! Blew my mind, so i picked up my yellow book at the end of my course and tried kicking some SLCN butt. 

My role now is working 1:1 with children with SLCN throughout the school day in a very loving and supportive school- I have many opinions, resources, ideas and basically love chatting about whats going right, whats going wrong for me and most importantly id like to share what works with the children i am lucky to work with ...at the end of the day we all learn from each other... 


Amy :)


Post it note planning to the extreme (not quite me yet)